Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Playlist

Today over at Exemplify, they are hosting a Christmas Playlist blog, so since Preston has had me watching Christmas movies for the past week, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

First let me say that the OLD Christmas cartoons are my favorite and the best of all times is "The Year Without a Santa Claus". One reason it is my favorite is the following video....

I have included a few more of my favorites for your enjoyment. :-)

Mary Did you Know?

And a scene from The Little Drummer Boy that just gives me cold chills every time that I see it.


So click on over to Exemplify and share your Christmas Favorites and maybe it will help someone else begin to get in the Christmas Spirit. :-)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thrusday...

I am thanking God today for 2 of the most wonderful, rowdy, sweet, hard-headed, caring, goofy, loving, hyper, down to earth boys in the world. I love you guys even when we have mornings like we did today. :-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Atlanta-cation-Days 4 and 5

I'm Sorry

I have been a very bad blogger. There is no excuse for me not finishing the vacation posts. I admit I just didn't do it. Sorry and hope you enjoy this last one.

On the 4th (which also happened to be our 4Th day on vacation), the boys and I decided to sleep late and just chill at the hotel since we were going to Medieval Times that night for supper.

We played Phase 10, watched some TV and of course went swimming. While we were down at the pool, we did have a sibling battle which created some need for time-out.

We got dressed and went to Medieval. Preston was more than impressed---he was mesmerized. Harrison was impressed with his food and Preston's food. If you guys have never been to one of these shows, You get
Garlic Bread
Tomato Bisque Soup
Roasted Chicken
Spare Rib
Herb-Basted Potato

Preston even got our knight (The Green Knight) to throw me a flower.

Sunday was a very rainy day. We hit the Aquarium and enjoyed it. The Belugas ( But I like the Belugas...said in my silly voice) were THE BEST!!!!! I so wish I could keep one for a pet. :-) We saw the 4-D movie about a little fish name Depo and walked through the Titanic Experience. Harrison was amazed at how many of the 1st Class survived compared to the others. I think I may have a little humanitarian on my hands.

We walked back to the Marta station in the rain and decided to visit the Hard Rock Cafe and once again the boys were in awe. We even got to look at the "Hard Rock bible" which is a notebook that tells where all the stuff is located. We looked up the people we really wanted to see and scoped them out. Preston has asked when we go back for the Virginia Tech/Alabama game if we can go eat there again. This is Preston in front of Elvis 's Harley and Leather Jacket.

After we got back to the Marta station we hopped in the car and headed to Stone Mountain. We rode the Duck,

Did the ropes course,

and ate cotton candy and Funnel cakes.

Of course, you can't go to Stone Mountain without seeing the Laser Light show. AWESOME!!!!

Somewhere in between the show and the parking lot, I lost my cell phone. That meant I lost the videos and pictures that I had not sent to Facebook yet. I didn't realize it until we got back to the hotel. It was a freak-out moment but luckily I got myself back into grown up mode and handled it well.

Around 2:30, Harrison woke up throwing up. I would offically like to say I am sorry to the hotel carpet. Harrison and I had a long night (we were up every two hours) so the ride home was quiet and uneventful the next day.

Overall I give this whole trip a major A+ and I hope I gave the boys some major memories.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Thousand Word Thursday....

Cheaper Than Therapy

This picture is so a prediction of the future....LOL

Monday, July 20, 2009

Friday, July 3rd-The Third Day of the Atlanta-cation

On Friday, we had a long list of things we wanted to do, so we were up and going as soon as the alarm clock went off. We headed to the Marta station and wouldn't you know that Roxie took us to a totally different one this morning. GO FIGURE!!!!

We board the train and headed to Five Points to catch the train heading east. We were going to the zoo and wanted to catch the 397 bus. Well we got to the station where the 397 bus was suppose to be and we waited and waited and WAITED. I know that waiting is part of public transportation and have even mention that in the past blog about our vacation BUT when you have to go to the bathroom really bad and there is no bathroom, waiting is no fun. Preston was having a good time terrorizing the pigeons, but I was to the point of tears. I finally called the number on the Breeze card and found out the little van that had come earlier with no number on it was our bus. I hung up and the boys and I headed back up to the trains, went back to Five Points, found a bathroom in a Burger King nearby and thanks to a homeless man found the bus to the zoo.

Once we got there, the zoo was great. Not really too crowded and some nice looking animals.

Timon looking for Pumba because he smelled my boys....

Oh I so wish I was doing what he is doing...sleeping!!!

Preston just loves Zoo-boo-ma-foo!

And of course the zoo had some fun statues and play things. We rode the Merry-Go-Round and the train and played around for a while as you can see.

I really enjoyed Zoo Atlanta but being an animal lover I can honestly say there aren't many zoos I don't like.

We headed out of the zoo and over to the Cyclorama which is next door and of course it was closed. We walked to the bus stop to wait again for a bus to go back to the station and then we were headed to CNN.

I want to add a little side note here. The boys came up with a commercial for Marta. Every time they swiped their Breeze cards they would sing "It's so Breezy" (you know like the Windex commercials). I told them they need to call Marta and try to sell them that slogan. I have digressed...back to the trip.

We walked to the CNN center past the Georgia Dome and the Phillips Arena. Harrison was in awe. I so hope I can take him (or at least his dad can) to the Alabama/Virginia Tech game there in August.

Now I tried to prepare Preston the whole time about the 8 story escalator ride that you have to take to tour CNN and that it wouldn't be that bad (see the trauma caused by the Peachtree station escalator ride in Day 2 blog). If you don't already know, CNN has the largest free-standing (only connected at the top and the bottom) escalator in the word. I was already not looking forward to the drama that might happend. We got to CNN and had a "wonderful" time convincing Preston that it was not that bad as we stood in line to get our tickets. The nice lady at the counter told him she would take him up in the elevator and it calmed him down some. We then shopped in the Cartoon Network Store and the Braves store plus got some food (actually Dunkin Doughnuts-FINALLY!!!!) while we waiting for our tour time. The only really bad part of our waiting time was that Harrison bought a Yankees hat.

Then, the time came. We went to the front of the line like the nice lady ask us to, but she was busy and unfortunately the YOUNG MAN (and that is all I am going to say about him) was not as nice. He told Preston that he was in a hurry and didn't have time to take him on the elevator. It was up the escalator or nothing. I tried to explain to him that the lady at the counter was taking us on the elevator because Preston was deathly afraid of heights, but he would not even hear it. Preston was getting harder and harder to calm down because he just really didn't want to go up there. The RUDE YOUNG MAN (oops I did say more) just kept making it worse, so I took Preston through the metal detectors and picked him up, set him on the escalator and blocked his way. He leaned back against me and whimpered the whole time. I just kept whispering in his ear and rubbing his tummy. I hope that YOUNG MAN's children are scared of everything and no one is understanding to them either.

The tour was cool and the boys actually enjoyed it. I think I would have enjoyed it better if the drama of the escalator could have been avoided.

We left CNN and this is the day that Preston discovered mice in the tracks of the train station. The things this child notices.

We got back to our car and headed to the Varsity.

The boys enjoyed their Naked Dogs and Varsity Oranges.

We then rode around Georgia Tech's campus. We stopped by the football stadium for Harrison to take a picture and Preston noticed that there was place to our right where they had been digging up some lines or something. He is looking over that way and finds a dinosaur toy that the workers must have unearthed and of course we had to bring it home.

We finally made it back to the hotel and go swimming. After swimming, we enjoy a game of Phase 10 in which the boys stomped my tail.

The day was long but fun. I just hate that one person who is supposed to be in customer service can spoil part of a child's vacation.

Day 4 to come....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I think the Lions are the ones who should beware!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thursday July 2-The 2nd day of the Atlanta-cation

Well the boys woke up to more royal treatment. Harrison had noticed the room service menu the night before and gotten all excited about Silver Dollar Pancakes, so we ordered them. Why not we were on vacation?

After we ate and got dressed, we headed out to find a close Marta station. We jumped in the van and programmed Roxie to what I thought would be a Marta station. BOY WAS I WRONG! Roxie led us to a parking lot. The boys just laughed and laughed and made the comment that Roxie must have finally gotten so mad at us for not following her directions that she purposely got us lost. We laughed and laughed on our way to the real Marta station.

The next step was to buy a Breeze card for the Marta. The 7 day card was our best bet at $18.00 each. So we each bought one and the boys proudly swipe their Breeze card to get into the station.

As you can see by the picture, Harrison was a regular with his IPod in his ears like everyone else. The ride to the station went off without a hitch. We waited patiently for the bus which in itself was a miracle. It was a long an interesting ride but we got to the Fernbank stop and walked down the hill. This is what we saw...

To say the least, Preston was amazed, excited and a little speechless.

Fernbank is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone going to Atlanta.

After spending about 3 hours or more there, we walked back up to the bus stop. Now part of riding public transportation is the waiting but Preston wanted none of that. He is not very good at standing in lines either (thus no Six Flags on this trip to save my sanity). He and the two ladies (who happened to be teachers from NY) complained the whole 5 minutes we had to wait. When we finally got on the bus, something happened. A City of Atlanta truck sideswiped the bus mirror; therefore our driver had to stop and wait for another bus. YES we were in an official MARTA wreck on our first day out. What a story to tell. Another bus came and took us to the station. Thank goodness it was there in 10 minutes.

The next thing we had to tackle was the HUGE escalator at Peachtree station. This is supposedly the largest escalator in the Southeast. Preston was not happy as you can tell by the picture below

(To be honest this picture was taken later in the week after we had already ridden it a couple of times.)

So the escalator ride set the tone for the walk to The World of Coca Cola. We were not happy campers due to Preston being upset about the escalator and us getting him on it. Also, I made us turn the wrong way so we had to walk 2 extra blocks. When we got there, you guessed it. We had to stand in another line. Oh the torture and I was just making his vacation something awful.

All was forgotten as soon as we got inside and he was picked for the Coke Trivia game again. He had been picked when we were at the mueseum on his field trip in April. At least this time he didn't say his favorite drink was Mountain Dew.

After watching the movie and having pictures made with the Famous Polar Bear. We began our tour and to be honest-they went slow and enjoyed all the exhibits. Preston didn't want to ride the 4-D thing so Harrison went and got in line and we started tasting. Preston sampled the new Orange Power-Aid (he called it Gatorade and was corrected by the Coke Representative immediately). After Harrison came out of the ride, he began his adventure in trying to taste all the Coke Flavors from all the Continents. He made it through



Europe and even the Infamous flavor-Beverly

He then hit the North America and South America areas but he just didn't make it through them all. He had to go over to the Classic Coke to wash his mouth out from the weird tastes.

We got our souvenir bottle and headed to the gift shop. The boys got allowance for each day to spend and spend they did. I was proud of Harrison because he saved money for the next day. Maybe I have taught him something.

We made it back to the Peachtree Station and caught the train with no problems. When we got to the car, we decided we wanted McDonalds, so I programmed old trusty (yeah right) Roxie. This time it wasn't Roxie that messed up it was me. I got in the wrong turn lane. Oh well, win some lose some.

We got our Mickey D's and headed to the hotel. Of course we had to go swimming. Then I decided we needed to make a Dunkin Doughnuts run. Thanks to Roxie we found every Dunkin Doughnut around but they were all closed. I am just use to Krispy Kreme and the all night doughnut runs. I finally settled for a Publix to just grab us a snack and maybe some breakfast for the next day and GUESS WHAT I FOUND IN PUBLIX-Krispy Kreme doughnuts. All was well and good with the world. :-)

We went back to the hotel munched down and settled down for a good night's sleep. Believe me we were going to need it.

Day 3 to come soon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday July 1-The beginning of our Atlanta-cation

Preston and I got home for Cub Scout camp around 10. This gave me time to clean up and pack. The packing went a lot easier than I thought it would. I cleaned out the van and left the doors open so I could start the loading. As I started loading, I got a surprise-A BIG BLACK FUZZY DROOLING SURPRISE. Vader (the dog) had gotten out of the backyard and was lying in the back of the van. Doggie need vacations too. Since he was out I knew that meant I had to run to Dollar General to buy a collar. All I could think of was "Great already a kink in our plans". I was so afraid this was an omen.

We finally got Vader settled and we were off. The actual drive went pretty smooth. I listened to 6 Magic School Bus Episodes and wishing the whole time Ms. Frizzle would come and field trip us there already. The GA Welcome Center was our only big stop and we loaded up with brochures to help us plan and hopefully get us some discounts.

When we got on "THE LOOP" in Atlanta, traffic wasn't that bad; however when I got to our exit it was backed up a mile. I didn't realize this until I was about 1/4 of a mile from the exit. I had to bypass that exit and go on down. Luckily, Roxie (our GPS system in the van)could tell us exactly where we were going.

We got checked into the Hilton Suites and as I opened the door to the room, I wish I could have been on the inside with a video camera. The boys' expressions and words could have won me some major money on America's Funniest Home Videos. All Preston could say was "Sweet!" Harrison found this rather punny (sorry couldn't resist). They had to check out every aspect of the room. They were so excited and amazed. Preston even said he felt like Zake and Cody.

After we got all our junk unloaded, the boys had to go down to the pool. Once again I should have been filming. The Hilton had an Indoor/Outdoor pool and they were just in awe of it. It also had a spa which I couldn't stay out of myself.

After we got tired of swimming, we decided that we wanted pizza for supper and the boys found out that we could order "Monsters vs. Aliens" on the TV. We had a relaxing rest of the night in the room eating, watching and planning for the next day.

Funny Note-We had two room keys and just so you know, I didn't have one.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Atlanta Rocked!

I am so sorry I did not post a blog each day with our activities, but the hotel charged for Internet. I don't think so!!!!!! I am going to start working on a post-daily post every night this week to catch you guys up on all the ups and downs of the trip.

I know you are waiting on pins and needles. :-)

Friday, June 26, 2009


Sunday, Preston and I go to Cub Scout Camp. I will be leaving each morning around 7 to go to work and Harrison will be taking my place since he is Den Chief for our Pack. Then on Wednesday, the boys and I leave for Atlanta for our Vacation!!!!! I will try to post a little every night of what we do each day in Atlanta. We will be there until Monday, so......


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A New Tradition

The boys and I went camping and hiking at Oak Mountain this past weekend. Now we have all 3 been camping before but either at Camp Horne or with the Scouts. This was our first experience out on our own.

Friday night the set up went really well. We all had jobs and stuck to them. No one whined or complained about what was going on. I got the fire going (which totally shocked both of the boys) and we sat by it until it went out. We then climbed in to our tent and played about 10 rounds of Spoons. As we turned out the lights and started to get ready to sleep, both boys talked about how they would love to do this again and all the different places we could go.

Saturday morning went OK. We got up, packed up and cleaned up. We had few complaints about jobs (for example-Why do I have to carry the heavy stuff? I am too tired. He isn't doing anything. Can you do it for me?") I just chalked those up to the fact that life can make you a little crabby especially in the woods with no TV, no AC and no bed.

We headed out to find our "trail" that we wanted to hike. We started off on the White Trail which is a pretty good trail. After a rest in Maggie's Glen and some pictures, we were headed down the yellow trail to see Lake Tranquility UNTIL we happened on a sign that read Cliff View. That was all they needed! The boys begged and pleaded. The sign said it was only 1.1 miles away so I thought how hard can this be. LOL I SOON FOUND OUT.

To quote alabamatrail.org "From here the trail makes a steep climb 500 feet up the mountain, over some rocky ground. The steepest climb in the park, but also pretty because of the large rocks. At the top there is a great resting spot called Cove Cliff Top or something like that. " UGH!!!!

We would hike a little and I would have to stop. My knees and lungs don't do well with steep. The boys would run ahead and I would yell "I can't see you" so they would stop and wait. I heard "Preston, Mama just can't do this" many many times and this made me just go more and more (I now know where Preston gets his stubbornness). I definitely found out how out of shape I am. Once we got to the Cove Cliff Top the view was beautiful, but I just didn't think I could climb any more so we turned around and went back. When we got back to the car, we looked at the description from alabamatrail.org and found out we were not very far from the highest point in the park-WOW!!!!! I didn't do so bad then.

Next,we hiked the Tree Top Trail and to the Wildlife Center. Now if all we had done was the Tree Top I would have been fine, but with animals less than a mile away Preston just had to keep going. I was starting to feel the climb (not hike) from the White Trail, but I wanted this to be their hike. I kept going with my Protector (Harrison) going "Mama are you alright?" Preston, wait on Mama she can't" (Like I said before can't is just one of those words that if I was dying I would still do everything in my power to do what someone is saying I can't do). We finally made it the .3 miles to the Center (yes, I know that sounds pitiful but remember we had just climbed 2 miles and hiked 2 miles). Preston really enjoyed this and declared that when he grows up he wants to take care of wild animals. He said he wanted to either save them like at the Wildlife Center or run a zoo. :-)

We then rode up to Peavine Falls, but the trails were so rough and jammed packed with people, we didn't stay long. Once again a lot of stopping on my part. This time I had benches to use as points-LOL. I would walk from one set of benches to the next on the way back to the car. Yes, I was feeling the climb for sure by now. Going up to the Falls wasn't a totally bad decision, I did get to show the boys where their dad and I went repelling and shared some memories from it. I think they may have been a little impressed with their old mom.

As we drove home to Tuscaloosa, they both fell sound asleep and then slept some more when we got home, I LOVE CAMPING AND HIKING.

We will be going again. This is our new family time. I think we may set a goal of camping in all of the Alabama State Parks before the boys both finish High School. I think we can do that and give them some wonderful memories of the times they spent with their as they say crazy, goofy, tomboy mom.