Friday, March 20, 2009

Why God gave me boys....

This week has proven why God saw fit to give me boys and not girls as children. Every year since college I have always filled out a NCAA bracket just for the fun of it. Well Football Head has gotten really involved in sports lately and thought he might enjoy this also. ENJOY IT that is underestimating how he feels about it. He has gotten so involved he wanted us to fill out a NIT bracket too. He is at the beach with his grandparents right now and he has already called me 3 times to make sure I fill out the brackets and to let me know when his pick wins and mine loses. This is so much better than ballet and hair ribbons. :-)

P.S. Our cat who is also a boy climbed up on the TV stand last night (which he never does) and watched a 1st Round game. LOL I am surrounded by them.

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