Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Homework Blues

I know every parent complains about homework some time or another but I have a problem with much more than the assignments. If both boys have homework and they are working on it at the same time, a battle begins. They both want my attention 100%. I hear "I need help" "I don't know how to do this" "Mom what does this mean?" even when I know it is something they know how to do (For example Preston makes 100 on almost all of his math quizzes at school but when he gets home with the homework pages facts even become a 30 minute ordeal). Neither have any motivation on getting their homework done on their own. I have even done the terrible mom thing and let them go to school without it and always my luck that is the day the teacher doesn't grade it. Homework is suppose to help the student not stress the parent but since Harrison started school that is all it has ever been around my house. It is the cause for tears, headaches, shouting matches and even those terrible words "You just don't care about me" (we all hear those don't we parents-guess it is pay back). I just think if there was another adult in my house that homework might be an easier process. I may be wrong it might even be harder but at least I would have someone to share my stress with and I wouldn't feel like the world's worst parent on my own.

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