Thursday, April 16, 2009

You know your son is growing up when....

1. You have to check the history on the computer or lock it with a password. (Don't ask-lol)
2. You are told "Mom, please knock on my door before you come into my room" (and he did say please)
3. Your conversations with him are basically about football, baseball, basketball, .....
4. He thinks he has to take care of you and fix all your problems. You can't even stub your toe without your hero being at your side. (This is a good one!!!!!!!)
5. The girl questions start (Mama, when did you have your first boyfriend? Would the girls like this shirt? Does my hair look ok? Does this Axe smell good? How do I make her like me?)
6. You know it is time for the talk but you aren't ready for your baby to be that grown-up.
7. He worries about his grades as much as you do.
8. His cell phone, Ipod and DSi are always near him.
9. He no longer wears jeans/basketball shorts and t-shirts to school every day.
10. He makes you proud that he has become a nice young man and you think maybe you have not caused him too much damage raising him your way. :-)

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