Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time to brag on Preston

I know this blog has had a lot of post on Harrison but today I would like to brag on my youngest a bit.
First let me say that anyone who needs a bathroom cleaned and he is in the mood (LOL), Preston is your man. He cleaned his bathroom before my mom came down for Mother's Day weekend because she was staying in his room. Can we say detail? I think he even scrubbed his floor on his hands and knees.
Next, he received his gold dog tag today at school for reaching his AR goal. He has gotten a dog tag each nine weeks. Considering reading was the thing he hated to do the most (LOL) that's pretty good I think. His reading has improved so much. He actually tries to read signs and stuff when we are out and about and before I couldn't even get him to try. I think the AR dog tags helped this because he knew if he didn't read he couldn't get one.
We should get his report card today and he has had A's and B's all year!!!!!!! PLUS he has moved up over a whole grade level on his reading!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

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