Monday, July 20, 2009

Friday, July 3rd-The Third Day of the Atlanta-cation

On Friday, we had a long list of things we wanted to do, so we were up and going as soon as the alarm clock went off. We headed to the Marta station and wouldn't you know that Roxie took us to a totally different one this morning. GO FIGURE!!!!

We board the train and headed to Five Points to catch the train heading east. We were going to the zoo and wanted to catch the 397 bus. Well we got to the station where the 397 bus was suppose to be and we waited and waited and WAITED. I know that waiting is part of public transportation and have even mention that in the past blog about our vacation BUT when you have to go to the bathroom really bad and there is no bathroom, waiting is no fun. Preston was having a good time terrorizing the pigeons, but I was to the point of tears. I finally called the number on the Breeze card and found out the little van that had come earlier with no number on it was our bus. I hung up and the boys and I headed back up to the trains, went back to Five Points, found a bathroom in a Burger King nearby and thanks to a homeless man found the bus to the zoo.

Once we got there, the zoo was great. Not really too crowded and some nice looking animals.

Timon looking for Pumba because he smelled my boys....

Oh I so wish I was doing what he is doing...sleeping!!!

Preston just loves Zoo-boo-ma-foo!

And of course the zoo had some fun statues and play things. We rode the Merry-Go-Round and the train and played around for a while as you can see.

I really enjoyed Zoo Atlanta but being an animal lover I can honestly say there aren't many zoos I don't like.

We headed out of the zoo and over to the Cyclorama which is next door and of course it was closed. We walked to the bus stop to wait again for a bus to go back to the station and then we were headed to CNN.

I want to add a little side note here. The boys came up with a commercial for Marta. Every time they swiped their Breeze cards they would sing "It's so Breezy" (you know like the Windex commercials). I told them they need to call Marta and try to sell them that slogan. I have digressed...back to the trip.

We walked to the CNN center past the Georgia Dome and the Phillips Arena. Harrison was in awe. I so hope I can take him (or at least his dad can) to the Alabama/Virginia Tech game there in August.

Now I tried to prepare Preston the whole time about the 8 story escalator ride that you have to take to tour CNN and that it wouldn't be that bad (see the trauma caused by the Peachtree station escalator ride in Day 2 blog). If you don't already know, CNN has the largest free-standing (only connected at the top and the bottom) escalator in the word. I was already not looking forward to the drama that might happend. We got to CNN and had a "wonderful" time convincing Preston that it was not that bad as we stood in line to get our tickets. The nice lady at the counter told him she would take him up in the elevator and it calmed him down some. We then shopped in the Cartoon Network Store and the Braves store plus got some food (actually Dunkin Doughnuts-FINALLY!!!!) while we waiting for our tour time. The only really bad part of our waiting time was that Harrison bought a Yankees hat.

Then, the time came. We went to the front of the line like the nice lady ask us to, but she was busy and unfortunately the YOUNG MAN (and that is all I am going to say about him) was not as nice. He told Preston that he was in a hurry and didn't have time to take him on the elevator. It was up the escalator or nothing. I tried to explain to him that the lady at the counter was taking us on the elevator because Preston was deathly afraid of heights, but he would not even hear it. Preston was getting harder and harder to calm down because he just really didn't want to go up there. The RUDE YOUNG MAN (oops I did say more) just kept making it worse, so I took Preston through the metal detectors and picked him up, set him on the escalator and blocked his way. He leaned back against me and whimpered the whole time. I just kept whispering in his ear and rubbing his tummy. I hope that YOUNG MAN's children are scared of everything and no one is understanding to them either.

The tour was cool and the boys actually enjoyed it. I think I would have enjoyed it better if the drama of the escalator could have been avoided.

We left CNN and this is the day that Preston discovered mice in the tracks of the train station. The things this child notices.

We got back to our car and headed to the Varsity.

The boys enjoyed their Naked Dogs and Varsity Oranges.

We then rode around Georgia Tech's campus. We stopped by the football stadium for Harrison to take a picture and Preston noticed that there was place to our right where they had been digging up some lines or something. He is looking over that way and finds a dinosaur toy that the workers must have unearthed and of course we had to bring it home.

We finally made it back to the hotel and go swimming. After swimming, we enjoy a game of Phase 10 in which the boys stomped my tail.

The day was long but fun. I just hate that one person who is supposed to be in customer service can spoil part of a child's vacation.

Day 4 to come....


Lora said...

We went to Zoo Atlanta when we were down there a couple of months ago--loved it!
Love the sleeping rhino pic :0)

Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

Lianne said...

You know, I don't love escalators, either!

I do love Phase 10, though. We have some crazy family tournaments!

p.s. Cute background!

scrappysue said...

here from sits! i lived in atlanta for a while - the zoo is very cool!