Monday, July 13, 2009

Thursday July 2-The 2nd day of the Atlanta-cation

Well the boys woke up to more royal treatment. Harrison had noticed the room service menu the night before and gotten all excited about Silver Dollar Pancakes, so we ordered them. Why not we were on vacation?

After we ate and got dressed, we headed out to find a close Marta station. We jumped in the van and programmed Roxie to what I thought would be a Marta station. BOY WAS I WRONG! Roxie led us to a parking lot. The boys just laughed and laughed and made the comment that Roxie must have finally gotten so mad at us for not following her directions that she purposely got us lost. We laughed and laughed on our way to the real Marta station.

The next step was to buy a Breeze card for the Marta. The 7 day card was our best bet at $18.00 each. So we each bought one and the boys proudly swipe their Breeze card to get into the station.

As you can see by the picture, Harrison was a regular with his IPod in his ears like everyone else. The ride to the station went off without a hitch. We waited patiently for the bus which in itself was a miracle. It was a long an interesting ride but we got to the Fernbank stop and walked down the hill. This is what we saw...

To say the least, Preston was amazed, excited and a little speechless.

Fernbank is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone going to Atlanta.

After spending about 3 hours or more there, we walked back up to the bus stop. Now part of riding public transportation is the waiting but Preston wanted none of that. He is not very good at standing in lines either (thus no Six Flags on this trip to save my sanity). He and the two ladies (who happened to be teachers from NY) complained the whole 5 minutes we had to wait. When we finally got on the bus, something happened. A City of Atlanta truck sideswiped the bus mirror; therefore our driver had to stop and wait for another bus. YES we were in an official MARTA wreck on our first day out. What a story to tell. Another bus came and took us to the station. Thank goodness it was there in 10 minutes.

The next thing we had to tackle was the HUGE escalator at Peachtree station. This is supposedly the largest escalator in the Southeast. Preston was not happy as you can tell by the picture below

(To be honest this picture was taken later in the week after we had already ridden it a couple of times.)

So the escalator ride set the tone for the walk to The World of Coca Cola. We were not happy campers due to Preston being upset about the escalator and us getting him on it. Also, I made us turn the wrong way so we had to walk 2 extra blocks. When we got there, you guessed it. We had to stand in another line. Oh the torture and I was just making his vacation something awful.

All was forgotten as soon as we got inside and he was picked for the Coke Trivia game again. He had been picked when we were at the mueseum on his field trip in April. At least this time he didn't say his favorite drink was Mountain Dew.

After watching the movie and having pictures made with the Famous Polar Bear. We began our tour and to be honest-they went slow and enjoyed all the exhibits. Preston didn't want to ride the 4-D thing so Harrison went and got in line and we started tasting. Preston sampled the new Orange Power-Aid (he called it Gatorade and was corrected by the Coke Representative immediately). After Harrison came out of the ride, he began his adventure in trying to taste all the Coke Flavors from all the Continents. He made it through



Europe and even the Infamous flavor-Beverly

He then hit the North America and South America areas but he just didn't make it through them all. He had to go over to the Classic Coke to wash his mouth out from the weird tastes.

We got our souvenir bottle and headed to the gift shop. The boys got allowance for each day to spend and spend they did. I was proud of Harrison because he saved money for the next day. Maybe I have taught him something.

We made it back to the Peachtree Station and caught the train with no problems. When we got to the car, we decided we wanted McDonalds, so I programmed old trusty (yeah right) Roxie. This time it wasn't Roxie that messed up it was me. I got in the wrong turn lane. Oh well, win some lose some.

We got our Mickey D's and headed to the hotel. Of course we had to go swimming. Then I decided we needed to make a Dunkin Doughnuts run. Thanks to Roxie we found every Dunkin Doughnut around but they were all closed. I am just use to Krispy Kreme and the all night doughnut runs. I finally settled for a Publix to just grab us a snack and maybe some breakfast for the next day and GUESS WHAT I FOUND IN PUBLIX-Krispy Kreme doughnuts. All was well and good with the world. :-)

We went back to the hotel munched down and settled down for a good night's sleep. Believe me we were going to need it.

Day 3 to come soon.


Lianne said...

How fun! Atlanta is a fun place to take the kiddos. We did the World of Coca Cola thing once. Some of those other countries' drinks were NASTY!

p.s. Found you through Alabama Bloggers! :)

Sameer said...


Thanks for sharing.

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