Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday July 1-The beginning of our Atlanta-cation

Preston and I got home for Cub Scout camp around 10. This gave me time to clean up and pack. The packing went a lot easier than I thought it would. I cleaned out the van and left the doors open so I could start the loading. As I started loading, I got a surprise-A BIG BLACK FUZZY DROOLING SURPRISE. Vader (the dog) had gotten out of the backyard and was lying in the back of the van. Doggie need vacations too. Since he was out I knew that meant I had to run to Dollar General to buy a collar. All I could think of was "Great already a kink in our plans". I was so afraid this was an omen.

We finally got Vader settled and we were off. The actual drive went pretty smooth. I listened to 6 Magic School Bus Episodes and wishing the whole time Ms. Frizzle would come and field trip us there already. The GA Welcome Center was our only big stop and we loaded up with brochures to help us plan and hopefully get us some discounts.

When we got on "THE LOOP" in Atlanta, traffic wasn't that bad; however when I got to our exit it was backed up a mile. I didn't realize this until I was about 1/4 of a mile from the exit. I had to bypass that exit and go on down. Luckily, Roxie (our GPS system in the van)could tell us exactly where we were going.

We got checked into the Hilton Suites and as I opened the door to the room, I wish I could have been on the inside with a video camera. The boys' expressions and words could have won me some major money on America's Funniest Home Videos. All Preston could say was "Sweet!" Harrison found this rather punny (sorry couldn't resist). They had to check out every aspect of the room. They were so excited and amazed. Preston even said he felt like Zake and Cody.

After we got all our junk unloaded, the boys had to go down to the pool. Once again I should have been filming. The Hilton had an Indoor/Outdoor pool and they were just in awe of it. It also had a spa which I couldn't stay out of myself.

After we got tired of swimming, we decided that we wanted pizza for supper and the boys found out that we could order "Monsters vs. Aliens" on the TV. We had a relaxing rest of the night in the room eating, watching and planning for the next day.

Funny Note-We had two room keys and just so you know, I didn't have one.

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