Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time to brag on Preston

I know this blog has had a lot of post on Harrison but today I would like to brag on my youngest a bit.
First let me say that anyone who needs a bathroom cleaned and he is in the mood (LOL), Preston is your man. He cleaned his bathroom before my mom came down for Mother's Day weekend because she was staying in his room. Can we say detail? I think he even scrubbed his floor on his hands and knees.
Next, he received his gold dog tag today at school for reaching his AR goal. He has gotten a dog tag each nine weeks. Considering reading was the thing he hated to do the most (LOL) that's pretty good I think. His reading has improved so much. He actually tries to read signs and stuff when we are out and about and before I couldn't even get him to try. I think the AR dog tags helped this because he knew if he didn't read he couldn't get one.
We should get his report card today and he has had A's and B's all year!!!!!!! PLUS he has moved up over a whole grade level on his reading!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things NOT to do if you know Mama is already in a bad mood

1. Don't decide to play Noah's Ark in the bathtub and flood the floor.

2. Don't hit the frogs in the pool with a baseball bat just to see how far they will fly.

3. Don't decide to fix yourself a large glass of "homemade" Kool-Aid, spill it and not wipe it up.

4. Don't play hide and seek with the cat and hide the cat where he can't get out (like in the closet).

5. Don't take your nice big stack of clean clothes and throw them in the bottom of your closet, under your bed or back in you dirty clothes hamper.

6. Don't tell her you need $20 for the field trip and it was due yesterday.

7. Don't surprise her with pet frogs or lizards in your bedroom.

8. Don't decide to totally rearrange your bedroom including furniture and then not finish it making your room look like an F5 tornado hit it.

9. Don't blow your nose without a tissue and say "Look MOM" with a wonderful stream of snot hanging down your face. (This also includes picking your nose and wiping boogers.)

10. Don't bring home a new dog, cat, bird, hamster, fish, lizard, etc. without asking first. Wait, just don't bring one home!!!!

11. DON'T FORGET TO GIVE HER A HUG AND TELL HER YOU LOVE HER-no matter how big you are.

P.S. I speak from experience!!!!!!!!!!!!