Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You would not believe...

what all has happened since the last time I have written on here. My boys are now a Senior in high school and an 8th grader
I am no longer a football mom. I am now a band (percussion), golf, cross country, Boy Scout, theater, scholar's bowl mom.
 My oldest is looking at colleges and my youngest is testing his
 The main thing I want to share as I hopefully (fingers crossed) start back blogging regularly is that teenager boys aren't that bad. Well except the smell ;-).
 My boys have wanted to spend more time with me, talk more with me and they actually plan stuff for us to do. I even have heard the words "I am sorry" come from their mouths which in my opinion is something every mother should be teaching her son (their future wives will thank you). As I have said before God knew what he was doing when he gave me boys. I am not saying that our home doesn't have issues, fusses or even chaos but it is our pandemonium and I LOVE IT!